Music Concert with Wanganui,Cobram and Shepp High

yesterday at 9:45 AM The Shepp High band And Wanganui Band went to Cobram. Some Bourchier people joined Shepp High band and went with them.  When we arrived at Cobram there were Cobram Band Students waiting. First they played a couple of songs to us. then we played some songs to them then Wanganui played. […]

Fiji holiday

Last week I went to Fiji. It was awesome. first I hopped into the pool and I saw they had a pool bar! So I got a mochtail (which is basically a cocktail without alchahol) after hopping in the pool I went snorkelling with my dad. We found a seahorse and we found dory! On […]

My Holidays :) :) :)

On my holidays i went to the snow i enjoyed it so much! i turned around  and saw my dad fall in the water hahahahahaha it was hilarious  

2016 Angahook Camp!!!

2016 Angahook Camp was so great wish everyone could be there now! 🙂

Husky’s are cool!

Here I have a picture of a husky that i would like to show you on my blog! Husky’s are cool!!!

Why homework shouln’t be banned

Homework shouldn’t be banned for a students education . we need to keep homework for generations for people to get smart. 99%of people love homework! Firstly,with homework you can start a business for people to work at so they can have good lives and come home to see their wife and kids. I think homework […]

Gold Coast Adventure

The school holidays will be good for such a lucky boy as he goes to the Gold Coast. BRODIE is going to Queensland to relax. ‘I am going to Queensland to relax and then to the theme parks’. BRODIE goes to the theme parks.’ I have been to the theme parks and now I’m heading to […]

my holidays

on the holidays I went fishing in Nathalia. we didn’t catch anything because we were stuck in the car trying to find a boat ramp. we eventually found a boat ramp an d went fishing. we still didn’t catch anything so we went  up to the  Murry river. still nothing. so we headed home we […]

Healesville sanctary

on Tuesday we went to Healesville  sanctuary. we saw lots of Australian animals. we went to a bird show at 12:00 and saw lots of birds. we saw the wedge tailed Eagle witch has the longest wing span in the world. we also saw dingoes with a white labrador keeping them company. after we saw […]

Band at school

A day before the holidays I had band practice. I got a trumpet and played it well. I was with some other people like my friends pj alban and Ben. We love the band. Our teacher is mr Arnold. he is a good instrument player. I’ve seen him play a saxophone a trumpet and clarinet. […]

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